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The World According To Lionhearted

Is there a chance climate change will cause a catastrophe? Bloody hell it will! Is there a chance our life will end when we least expect it? Hell yeah. Do you want to do something that helps us & our wildlife survive?  Of course you do. At Dualitee Designs, we work to help species survive. […]

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Work for a Cause

Today we launch the new and improved Dualitee Designs website. The concept of selling t-shirts, clothing and other items and use part of the income for the support of important causes has been in the works for years. Two years ago, we gave the idea life with the first tee shirts coming off the presses. […]

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Contributing toward resolving homelessness.

Homelessness is all our problem

Some years ago, my life spiralled out of control, my marriage broke down, I became depressed and began drinking my way out of pain and in doing so, lost my way completely. Then one day, as I nursed a hangover of epic proportions, I felt this cry rise up from somewhere deep inside, “There must […]

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Do You Want It Darker?

The late Leonard Cohen, writer, poet, musician and philosopher, left us a legacy of words and songs to contemplate. You Want It Darker is a song with extraordinary insights.

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Jimi Hendrix Wisdom

No time has this quote been more relevant when the divide between “Us” & “Them” appears insurmountable, yet, we can clear some of it up for ourselves by being more generous of spirit. This costs nothing financially!

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